The enrollment forms need to be completed in full before any child may attend the center. Contact us for details. The first week's tuition, registration fee, and book supply fees (if applicable) are non­ refundable and are to be paid in advance of attendance and continued throughout enrollment. Before enrollment, one or both parents are to schedule a private interview, which includes touring the facility and answering any questions from the parents and children.

All children at our facility must be completely toilet trained. This means they need to be in underwear at all times.


Parents are required to select a regular schedule of day and hours of attendance when they enroll their child; each child should arrive and be picked up according to their scheduled time. This will ensure adequate teacher to student ratios per state requirements.


Picket Fence Pre-School has no desire to discriminate against any child; however, due to current sinful practices of large sections of society, it is recognized that certain life threatening diseases can afflict children. For those students who are innocently afflicted, Picket Fence has great compassion and sympathy. We face the challenges of providing a safe haven for those youngsters entrusted to our care. Our purpose is to protect our students from illnesses.


Children who have been diagnosed with a communicable or potentially lethal disease will not be permitted to enroll in regular classes until they have been medically diagnosed as no longer carrying the disease.

The policy is to apply to diseases such as, but not limited to and including syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS, etc. Current medical information published by the U.S. Center for Disease Control indicates that the human T-lymphotropic virus 111/lymphodenopathy associated virus (HILV-111/LAV) is believed to be the agent to students known to be infected with HIV-111/LAV, or testing positive for presence of antibodies to the AIDS virus.


Gateway Baptist Church Ministries will always be aware of the confidentiality of student records. Only minimal number of personnel will be made aware of any medical or personal information contained within your child's file; with the exception of external physicians on an emergency basis, as needed. Information about such a student may not be released publicly without the Social Administration.